About Us

The image “http://crispinbasketball.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/jon_4.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.For as long as we can remember, we have enjoyed the game of the basketball. Our Grandfather, Father and Uncle were all coaches, so we probably had little choice in the matter. For we cannot remember a day in which we were not surrounded by the game. It goes without saying that basketball is ‘in our blood.’

As is usually the case, however, we both had to undergo our own experiences of discovery. That is, it took years for us to fully appreciate the game that we have so long worked at and enjoyed (a process that is surely still in the works). When you are young, you learn in order to improve, not to appreciate. But as the years of playing begin to add up, you have the ability to look back and take note of all the little things that enabled you to find success–and to appreciate their place in life and play.

Well, the years are beginning to add up, and though we still enjoy playing the game of basketball, we have also found that we enjoy teaching the game of basketball. Consequently, we, along with a few others very close to us, want to begin to impart what we know in a more organized fashion. As always, there is more to learn (and we are out to learn it), but we are confident that all we have learned (and will learn) at the High School, Collegiate, and Professional levels can serve others as they seek to enjoy and improve at the game of basketball.

As of right now, we believe we can serve others best through personal and group training, summer and weekend camps, speaking engagements, and the personal insights you can (and will) find on this site. Essentially, the title Crispin Basketball is the overarching name for any and every service we provide.

crispin4787.jpgOur aim is simple: to pass on all that we have learned and the passion we have for the game. And if any of you have ever seen us play, you can probably guess that we have learned most on the offensive end. This was/is always our specialty (even though Jon was/is a very good defender as well) and naturally, our favorite end of the floor.

That being said, however, our aim is still holistic. We want to train players in the various fundamentals of the game of basketball, so that they might become the best they want to be. Shooting, ball-handling, footwork, creating space to shoot, individual and team defense. All these things are vital to understand and master if you (or your child) want to become the best player you can be.

Also worth mentioning is our desire to train players how to train. We realize that although we can impart much during our various times teaching the game to others, the best thing we can do is teach players how to train themselves. Therefore, our aim is to not only show them what they must work on, but also, to show them how they can do so (various drills), and indeed, to what degree they should do so. We believe it is vital to create a ‘workout framework’ for the individual player, so that he or she can achieve his or her stated goals.

Much more could be said, but that is more than enough for this page. For our biographies, our training distinctives or philosophy and/or information on upcoming camps or other workout options, please see the links on the navigation bar and the right-hand side of this page.

Thankful for the game of basketball,
Joe and Jon Crispin